Quick Facts

TypeYoung Adult Novel
GenreScience Fiction / Thriller
SettingNear Future Earth
Published ByAlto Books (Now available as e-book. RRP $4.95)


TIMELINES was semifinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2011

ABNA Publisher Weekly Review:

In the year 2020, the Temporal Investigation Bureau systematically verifies that vacationing time travelers have not tampered with the world’s Timelines. When a tourist, Robert Connelly, is killed in Ancient Rome, Detective Sgt. Will Kyne and his new trainee, Brad Dennis -- aka BD -- are handed the case. Through holographic recordings, Will and BD discover that Connelly was killed by a young Roman boy who was tricked into committing the crime. The boy is then murdered by an assassin and the crime scene blown up to hide the evidence. As their investigation deepens, Will and BD discover that Robert Connelly died both in Ancient Rome and in the year 2003, a paradox that should be impossible. It becomes apparent that whoever masterminded the murder knew how to manipulate the Timelines and bypass the security systems on the time travel Gateways. Soon, Will and BD realize that the assumed laws of Time Travel are not absolute and that the murderer is actually capable of permanently changing the past. The author effortlessly impresses upon readers how imperative it is to prevent someone from being able to permanently manipulate time. This short novel is well plotted with plenty of twists and turns that will keep readers quickly turning the pages.