SongForge (The SongForge Saga, Book 1)

Quick Facts

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GenreFantasy fiction
SettingAncient Japanese style world.
Published ByAlto Books (Now available in stores. RRP $24.95)
Cover ByMyke Mollard


The world is ruled by the Drake Empire, a Samurai nation of half-Dragon warriors who hold honour above all things. Warriors are held in the highest regard by the Drakes, with only the ranks of Shogun and Forger believed more honourable then that of a Samurai. The Shogun is the supreme ruler of the Empire and the highest authority in the land. Forgers are a rare breed of Drake artisans, held above their station because of the power that they wield. They alone can manipulate the magic of the Forgesong, using it to create weapons of incredible power. They are also exceptionally rare, with only one or two Forgers born every generation.

Under the rules of the Drake Empire, humans are a second class slave race, considered little more than an expendable resource to the Empire. They’re used for all the difficult, dangerous or distasteful work, and sometimes for the amusement of the Drake Samurai. SongForge follows the story of two very different human slaves whose lives are somehow linked by destiny.

Annah is bought from the slave blocks by Kelkh Ironbound, an unwilling yet brilliant Drake Forger. Annah is given responsibility for looking after Kelkh's home and grounds, and is slowly brought into Kelkh Forge to see the power that he wields. But with the arrival of Kelkh's long time friend Ishkal, Annah suddenly learns more than she ever bargained for.

Aerik is an average slave, no different to the hundreds of other humans who work in the fields for the Drakes. With his brother recently married, Aerik also discovers that he is also about to be an uncle. It’s the happiest any slave could expect to be in all the limited days of his life, when a single sudden act snatches it all away. Aerik's life is thrown into complete chaos as he is forced to fight for his life and the future of his entire race.