Dragons Rising (The SongForge Saga, Book 2)

Quick Facts

Aspen Portal
GenreFantasy fiction
SettingAncient Japanese style world.
Published ByAlto Books (Now available in stores. RRP $24.95)
Cover ByMyke Mollard


In a world where humans are held as slaves by the half-Dragon Drakes and their lifespan is determined by their Master’s temper, Annah and Aerik have lived extraordinary lives.

Aerik has risen from nothing to become a leader of the human resistance, while Annah has discovered powers that no human has ever possessed before – the magic of the Forgesong. With great events in motion throughout the Drake Empire, these former slaves may hold the power to shape their people’s future in ways they had never imagined.

With hope of finding a way to smuggle slaves to freedom, Aerik begs Darendall, the last free human city, for an alliance. But the power struggle within the slave resistance has reached a fragile junction. In order to preserve everything he has worked so hard to build, Aerik must choose between the comfort of the familiar and the slim chance of finding a future.

Annah is running for her life from the Drake frontlines and finds herself without a purpose for the first time in her life. But her Master, Kelkh, knows they can’t keep running forever, but where could he take his ward where she would be safe from persecution and danger? With no other options, Kelkh sets his sights on Darendall, the last place Annah and her magic might be accepted. If they can make it there alive.