The Aspen Portal (The Aspen Portal Duology, Book 1)

Quick Facts

Aspen Portal
GenreScience Fiction
SettingFar future world where new gods, magic and technology have been discovered.
Published ByAlto Books (Now available in stores. RRP $29.95)
Cover ByMyke Mollard


They stared out at the massive web of fire and plasma that hung between them and the sanctuary of hyperspace. The barrier shone like a sun and burned just as brightly.
'Are you sure you're strong enough?' Alyssa asked.
'I guess we'll find out', Rayne shrugged. 'Which will you choose Captain, certain death or almost certain death?'

Alyssa knew she should have turned down the contract as soon as they offered it, but it sounded so simple. Find The Aspen Portal for the Order of Water, make some money and maybe even right a few injustices along the way. But nothing is ever that simple. As soon as she signs the contract, Alyssa finds herself unwittingly caught in the middle of a galactic war between the Order of Fire and the Order of Water that has raged for almost a decade.

Suddenly the most hunted people in the galaxy, Alyssa and her crew are forced into a race for their lives. Fleeing the aggressive Order of Fire, they travel from planet to planet in search of their only chance of escape - find The Aspen Portal.