June 2015

It's been a very busy month with a lot going on - both writing and non-writing related.

Firstly, some non-writing related news. Some of you may well have noticed the new website format, and I hope you all like what you see. It is still getting its finishing touches, so if you come across any quirks, please let me know and I will do my best to have them fixed up

Next, onto some more exciting news. Along with the new site, you may have noticed a new book section called "Imaginarium". This is a new children's book that is the brainchild of myself and author / illustrator, Myke Mollard. Myke has published a number of children's books, including "On a Monster's Doorstep", "An A-Z of Australian Bush Creatures" and "Mal the Lion", as well as creating the covers and internal illustrations for SongForge, Dragon's Rising and The Aspen Portal. After some great brainstorming, talking, collaboration and scribbling, we now have a plotted story, our main characters and the first few chapters drafted. I am currently working on the remaining chapters, while Myke works on the illustrations and then we can put it all together. Just judging from the early drafts, I can tell this is going to be amazing, and it has been so much fun to let my imagination just go crazy.

So what does this mean for SongForge 3 and Aspen Portal 2? Have they been abandoned? No, not at all. To be honest, I was taking a small break from writing them anyway. Sometimes, the writing comes hard and what ends up on paper is just not much good. This bad writing leads to lots of rework and hurts the flow and my enthusiasm, leading to even worse writing. At times like this, I usually find it better to take a break comepletely and come back later when I feel inspired again. It's always better to write when inspired than to feel like you're grinding. Readers know when a writer isn't enjoying themselves.

So I will absolutely be getting back to SongForge 3 (which is probably 75 - 80% complete first draft) and then Aspen portal 2 (which is probably 25-30% finished first draft), but in time, when I can make it amazing, not just a book to finish things up.